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2024 Meetings

HORNINGTOFT Parish Council meeting and will be held on Wednesday 10th July 2024 at 7.30pm

This will be held at St Edmunds Church, Horningtoft 


Sanders Bus service: The following services in this area are affected:


No23. To Norwich – Wednesdays, (serving Horningtoft, Whissonsett, Tittleshall, Litcham, Mileham, Brisley, and Beetley) the time of the return from Norwich has been moved to 13:10


No25. To Dereham – Tuesdays and Fridays, (serving Colkirk, Whissonsett Tittleshall, Litcham, Beeston, Mileham, Brisley and Beetley.  The Tuesday service has been withdrawn.


At this time of year we start to think about the mud drying up and getting out to walk in the beautiful English Countryside again, but where to find new and interesting walks?

Walking in Norfolk  has hundreds of walks.

We're responsible for:

  • The Parish Council will be notified of any planning applications

  • Footpaths

  • Defibrillator


The above plaque, which has been commissioned and produced by the Norfolk Lieutenancy, 

is to commemorate the Community's resilience in the year of the pandemic. 

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